Audio Podcast: Is He Your Soulmate?

Attention: You do not want to miss this podcast!!

Today on our show we are lucky enough to be joined by relationship and dating expert David Wygant, creator of the What Men Desire System.

David is going to be sharing with us today his INCREDIBLE inside advice on how to know if a guy is truly ‘The ONE’ for you.

And not only this, he will also be teaching you how to connect with your man on a DEEPER, more MEANINGFUL level.

So if your ears are pricking and your pen & paper is out and ready….

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Enjoy ladies and please feel free to share your feedback at the end!

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Mirabelle Summers.

9 Comments on "Audio Podcast: Is He Your Soulmate?"

  1. Christine | Reply

    I loved the podcast. David is right on. He shakes women up with his talk and that is why some women might not like the podcast but hey it is when you are shaken up that you wake up to reality and consider changing. If you want to change something in your life you have to change something in your life, right. Learn how to become a woman and you will attract a man, stay a girl and you will attract a boy. Thanks for the podcast.

  2. Liza | Reply

    You should hear David Wygant pick up artist stuff for how needy men can get laid by needy women. David knows what he’s tapping into to make money. I subscribe to newsletter cause I date on-line and I learned to be ready for the next round of unauthenticity. Some of his advice is as bad as the rules girls. I’ve actually have to understand and undo some of it with men I’ve been dating.

    The last piece of advice was the worst! As a women who dates with purpose – men will lie to you about relationships to get sex. It’s as creepy as women who think they’ve having sex means a relationship.

    Most of the first part of this pod cast was basic facade stuff that keeps anyone from having quality relationships.

  3. AJ | Reply

    Listening to the podcast reminds me that you are a real person out there giving all of us advice we clearly want or we wouldn’t be here. I appreciate your time and effort and loved the advice given here. It’s a nice change up to just readif an article.

  4. helena dworkiewicz | Reply

    learn how to become a woman and you will attract a man, stay a girl and you will attract a boy. thomas j burke attract in my life

  5. MT Cannon | Reply

    BALONEY – Jesus did make a perfect match, that fits your gifts and every other aspects of you. When you meet your DNA and your soul sings to one another.Your spiritual and secular giftings will enhance and multiple the other. OH MY GOD, this kind of advice can ruin peoples lives! Challenge THE WORD!!!

  6. very Nice Ilike it

  7. Ruth | Reply

    The advice for women to go out alone is a bit scary given that we have predators in bars with drugs now, so not many women are confident to go out alone and put themselves at risk of being attacked. Our society frowns on women sitting alone in bars or being on their own socially, they are looked on as desperate or willing to be used. Smiling at random men is not good advice if you dont know them from a bar of soap.
    Also being ready and open to a relationship takes a lot of work, getting over exes is all well and good if they were not horribly abusive, otherwise you need years of therapy to heal from trauma and you will also attract similar relationships because that is what you got used to or grew up with. So dealing with family experiences needs to be part of your healing journey.
    I don’t think it is as simple as presented here by the confident man who is asking women to pay money for advice that is a one size fits all. Everyone is different and have different life experiences that need to be taken into account.
    Women who find ourselves alone, need to empower ourselves, get on your healing journeys and you will find as you relax and open up the right people will be attracted to you.

  8. Hi I am new to this whole thing of love I am only 17 and I have been with my boyfriend with 1 year and 9 months I love him but he didn’t really try at all so we have only been together because I kept pushing past all his flaws and my flaws but now I am tired of it I dont want this anymore plz help me I am begging and we have a 9 month old baby boy what do I do now and how do I fix it

  9. Missy McGoat | Reply

    I believe in SOULMATES. I met mine 30 years ago and we’re STILL TOGETHER! So glad I didn’t give up on the idea of it!

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