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Attention! You must listen to this Podcast!

Join us today on the show with dating and relationship expert Scot McKay, creator of the Female Persuasion System.

Today, you’re in for a rare treat… Scot is going to be sharing with you his INSIDE knowledge how to get women to want to do ANYTHING for you.

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Would you like to date HOT, YOUNGER women? If so, you MUST listen to this podcast!

Today we are joined by special guest relationship and dating coach Heather Havenwood, creator of the Dating Up: How to Date a Younger Woman, Even if You’re Fat, Ugly or Dead Broke Dating System.

In this podcast, learn why women LOVE to date older men…And are actually MORE attracted to older men than men their own age.

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Ok. So you’re at the bar with a couple of friends and you notice the striking brunette you’ve had your eyes for the last 40 minutes approach the bar alone.

Now’s your chance. If you’re going to talk to her, this is it.

I bet you’re feeling pretty nervous at this point, right? Because this IS the hardest part – actually working up the courage to talk to her when you know there’s a chance you could get blown off.

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Today is my second unmissable interview with Dan Dennick, creator of the Over Her Overnight System.

Join us today as Dan reveals his SECRETS to getting over your ex after a break-up.

You will learn powerful and surprising tips for how to get her out of your mind, repair your self-confidence and start attracting new women into your life. 

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Do you frequently find yourself confused by women you are dating? Do you want to learn how you can talk to women, in a way that will attract them to you?

Today on the show we are lucky to be joined again by dating and relationship coach Marni the Wing Girl, creator of The Wing-Girl Method.

Marni will be giving you valuable advice today how to start connecting with the woman you want, by communicating the things she NEEDS to hear from you.

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Listen today as I interview dating and relationship coach Rob Judge, creator of the Magnetic Messaging System

In this week’s HOT topic, Rob shares with us his expert advice on how to create Magnetic Attraction with women through text-messages.

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Do you want to know what women are REALLY looking for in a guy?

Well, it turns out the answers are a lot simpler than you may have thought.

A recent survey of over 1000 women conducted by Men’s Health found that there are four distinct characteristics that women look for in a guy – and they are NOT the traits of a ‘bad-boy’.

What these results basically showed that at the end of the day, what women really want is a guy who they can rely on to be there for them – especially when they are looking to settle down.

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Having second thoughts about your break-up?

Today you will hear from our special guest Dan Derrick, creator of the Over Her Overnight system.

Dan is going to be sharing with us how to know whether you should back with your ex after a break-up.

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