Why Breaking Up Hurts So Bad & How to Start Healing Now!

By Michelle D’Avella
From Secret Survey
This time last year I found myself plastered to my mattress. The shine would shine in on my face, and I wished I lived in a basement. I didn’t want to be reminded that life was going on because for me it felt like it had stopped.
The arteries in my heart were thinning due to the stress, leaving my heart literally aching in my chest. My brain was releasing a whole lot of the stress hormone cortisol, and all my happy-and-in-love chemicals were hibernating.

I went from being someone who would devour an entire Chipotle burrito to feeling accomplished if I made it through a single piece of toast in a day. I started wearing an oversized sweater to hide the fact that my already slender figure was quickly turning into a boney silhouette.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Deal With Your Issues Prior to Getting Married

By Dr. LaWanda N. Evans
From Language of Desire

Why are you choosing not to deal with you issues? Why are you refusing to deal with your own brokenness before you get married? Why are you walking around carrying all the baggage from your past into your current relationship? Why? Why? Why?

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Be Friends with Your Man (Just Not All The Time)

By James Bauer
Author of The Secret Love Instinct

Do you consider your partner a friend? You should.

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4 Quick and Dirty Ways To Disable A Woman’s Creep Radar

By Carlos Xuma
Author of Dating Tips for Guys

Most men are terrified of talking to women because they think they’ll be written off as a needy chump who wants something from her.

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How to Get More Love in Your Life

We all want more love.

Not even getting the perfect relationship can guarantee you’ll have enough. Couples who’ve been together for years don’t always feel loved the way they’d hoped.

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3 Steps To Turn A "Cold" Woman Hot For You

Jonathan Hudson from The Girlfriend Activation System reveals 3 steps to turn a "cold" woman hot for you. He'll teach you how to find your strength and confidence so that you naturally exude masculinity.

According to him, being a great 'catch' and how to make her feel like you are of value and someone she should want to 'work to win over' is very important...

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