Audio Podcast: How to Attract the Perfect Guy

Attention… Attention… Man Alert!

Are you sick of meeting the wrong guys in the wrong places?

Listen to the show today as we are joined by relationship expert Jonathan Green, creator of the Girl Gets Ring System.

Today, Jonathan is going to be giving us his EXCLUSIVE advice on how to find Mr. Right, including…

…Where to find him

…How to become more proactive about meeting men AND

…How to approach and ATTRACT the guy you want

…Without scaring him away!

You will be AMAZED at these simple but powerful techniques. Click Here to Play the Audio Podcast: (or right-click and select ‘save as’ to download this to your computer or device)

Please share your feedback ladies…

We would love to hear any of your success stories!

Mirabelle Summers.

14 Comments on "Audio Podcast: How to Attract the Perfect Guy"

  1. Kaz Grey | Reply

    Hi Bakal, you sound like a lovely lady, and that is sometimes the problem, one lands up giving the msg that you are too accommodating, to giving. Its what narcissist look for btw. Ive found if you are a little selfish or behave like a babe in control of her self aka Bitch, then its more of a challenge more of a mystery, and they tend to be more intruiged. Don’t give up, just keep educating yourself and you will be amazed.

  2. Leila | Reply

    Hi Mirabelle, thanks for the podcast – great advice about how to start a relationship off. Starting a relationship well is I think an important thing to do – ignoring red flags etc. will only come back at you down the line.

  3. Annimil kim | Reply

    Thanks 4 that advice,maybe its will work well on me this time round.

  4. Laurine | Reply

    I am an extremely confident woman – I dont need a man in my life ; I would like to have a man in my life – to walk beside me ; laugh with ; cry with ; a best friend ; a lover ; emotional and physical attraction ; share each others likes yet still have our own space. Well I thought I found this guy – after 6/7 months of dating, he was making odd excuses as to why he couldnt see me ; or not talk to me. As a woman, I listened to my instincts and started to put my wall up , just slightly. Thanks to social media, never underestimate how small this world really is, because yes everyone, he has a girlfriend !!!! So when he said his “sister” it was really his GF. And the nights he backed out on me, his GF has pics of him and her together on those same nights.
    I have lost all hope in finding the “one” out there – what ever happened to being honest – oh and not to mention, I take very good care of myself, and I feel like because I am not financially well off, then men just want a piece of ass….. very disillusioned!!!!

  5. ClaudeA | Reply


    I am an extremely confident woman – I dont need a man in my life ; I would like to have a man in my life – to walk beside me ; laugh with ; cry with ; a best friend ; a lover ; emotional and physical attraction ; share each others likes yet still have our own space.”

    Hi Laurine! Boy! Your words almost echo my experience with a lady I tried hard for this past year to convince she is worthy of a good lover and lifetime man companion! In the last days of my quest finally she revealed her reason for leading me on and on into more involvement with her without equal reciprocation for intimacy and friendship on her part.

    She informed me in one of our last few conversations that women are superior to men, and will soon rule this little planet!

    From the start after meeting her and seeing in her a lovely lady I’d be happy with for the rest of my life she put out vibes that cut to the bone with cold, hard acts and words, and many fails to show at set times.

    Oddly, she is a very lonely woman, and alienates all her neighbors with angry outbursts over the smallest differences and misunderstandings.

    She needs a good round of genuine intimacy with a man who has the will power to weather her storms to settle her inner storms. But, she is so filled with intense loathing for all the men she lived with and had one night stands with over her 60+ years she just cannot see through and beyond her self-disrespect.

    She first told me she wants sure friendship, then if there was mutual attraction, intimacy. What she actually said by her acts is she wants total submission by a potential lover as her idea of friendship, then, IF she unilaterally decides intimacy is warranted, she will initiate that, too.

    I told her another lady entered my life who wanted intimacy first, then friendship, if it progressed to that. I actually asked the first lady for her release to enjoy the intimacy, and if she said “No,” I would have honored her. She said “Go for it,” and I did, and kept her informed so she would have no reason to think I ever will go behind her back. The other lady did go on to develop a degree of friendship with me, and even though there are major issues to face for her and me, I rather would have her for my life mate since she is clear and honest and respects men for what we are, equal except for our gender differences.

    Another lady moved in next door to me and we are becoming friends with our similar interests, sharing meaningful conversation, and learning who each other is inside. She had two disastrous marriages and some failed intimate relationships, so now is determined to remain unattached. There are three of us men here who like her, and it’s fun to watch her responses to our attention! At times I feel she wants me as a companion, but her fears from the previous disasters are projected into her perception of who I would be for her intimate companion.

    All I can share with you, Laurine, is that being the best you that you can be will ensure that the men attracted to you will know who you are from the moment of meeting for so long as they choose to remain with you. In the end, this is the same that I share with each lady I meet. We all have places to improve, so train yourself to be the best you can be. Then, instead of accepting just any guy, look closely to see into the heart of each man interested in you to see if there is one or more who truly desire and work to be the best they can be.

    Who else would you trust to be your life companion?

  6. Marie Dina | Reply

    You seem to be a savvy woman. Let your intuition guide you.After a few dates if they can’t see you on the weekends kick his ass to the curb, he’s taken.Don’t waste anytime.

  7. Sam | Reply

    I have been single my whole life. I am always positive, smiling, confident and like some of the women stated. I still can not find a good guy. I am always dealing with men who are not over their ex or they still have too much drama from their divorce. I am always supportive and patient and always taking a interest in the things that my man at the time is into. I am not one to try to take is his freedom away. I am always cool about him spending time with his friends. I am still alone. The guys today all they is be FWB and I want something that real and something that can grow. I have been told I am fun to be with and can not find a man that serious. I am on very dating site and find men who either looking for that super model time or they have so much drama with them trying to get over their ex. I to do not need a man to complete me. I have good job and not a model but I am confident in my own skin. I have tried to make a list of places to meet men and always end talking to someone that is either married who does not wear a wedding ring or someone that is attached. I am always trying to flirt while I am out but again ends up flirting with a married man or attached man. I have given up . I really want to believe that you can find love at 50 but there are no good men they are bitter from being divorced and still in love with their wives so they are only looking for hook ups. I am so tired of trying to make things to work out. I am tired of always being supportive for my men and not getting what I need in return. I am 50 and will never find anyone. I have given up hope of ever finding anyone. I am not one to just sleep around because I am lonely but maybe I should. It has never been my style. I believe in commitment and working as a team in a relationship.

  8. Babe | Reply

    I meet this guy, now is my Bf. On online dating. We’ve been texting for 3-4 months. And for the first time we gonna see each other. We talk everything getting married. I’m just afraid that we can be intimate with each other for the first meeting. But I don’t want him to think that I’m easy. But we know that we love each other and we want to spend our life together. What do I do is it okay to be intimate for the first time meeting him? Please give me an advice or answer to my question. Or whoever has an answer please response. Thanks…

  9. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research on this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more from this post. I am very glad to see such magnificent information being shared freely out there.

  10. Ginger Donahoe | Reply

    My ex husband left our marriage after 17 years due to confusion caused by being contacted by a high school sweetheart. Obviously he had some issues with our marriage or any level of confusion he was having would not have progressed to him deciding to leave our marriage. However, his words to me up to that point were positive regarding our friendship and marriage. Up to that point he was relatively kind when we had disagreements. After I learned he was continuing to have contact with this woman he became verbally abusive. We were good friends for 15 years prior to fetting

  11. Ginger Donahoe | Reply

    …getting married. We met when I was nearly 24. I was 5 years older than him. I was not interested in him romantically when we first met due to the age difference. He was the younger brother of one of my friends. We married when I was 39 and he was 34. It was my first marriage and his second. At any rate he became so verbally abusive toward me….unlike anything our previous 32 years of close friendship/marriage. He moved to another state to live with one of his married sisters. Occasionally he would speak of reconciliation which is what I wanted. I prayed and waited for 6 years. Then we spoke honestly. I told him if I was going to be married I wanted a husband actively engaged in the marriage. If that was not his desire I didn’t want to continue to live the way we were living. He did not want to continue the marriage so we divorced. The divorce became final 4 years ago. I never met anyone in all our years of dating and then marriage and until 9 years after he left that I was at all attracted to. I met a man a year ago who happens to be a neighbor. He was just out of a committed relationship of living with a woman for a little over a year. We became friends quickly and have enjoyed spending quite a bit of time together. We laugh a lot, flirt, and tease. Although in March it will have been 2 years since she suddenly decided to move to another state where she had been offerred a job. (She did not have any discussion with him until a week before moving out and to the other state.) They were involved in a joint property deal. That property sold and those ties were severed last February. They are cordial now but he has no desire to get together with her again. He had told me very early on when discussing his future in general that he did not want to be in a relationship…he wanted to just have time to talk with great people like me and have time to himself. I wholeheartedly agreed that he should not immediately jump into another relationship. However, now a year later I am very much attracted to this man and would like to have a romantic relationship. Although he flirts with me shamelessly….and I reciprocate we have only been involved physically once…and that was about a 2 hour make out session. I was a virgin until I was 35. I basically feel that the Bible does not support sex outside of marriage. He knows this about me. So I think that is probably the biggest reason we have not moved forward. I have been reading enormous amounts of relationship material by Mirabelle and others with whom she is associated. It just seems like I am stuck because we never really had a romantic relationship. He has often told me I’m cute, whistled, told me he has liked what I was wearing, complimented me on being intelligent, likes that I banter with him…but never treats me like I am his girl such as opening the car door, any physical affection in public etc. He has begun to back away some and I have with great effort done the same.I feel I need to meet more single men. I moved to where I live now about 3 years ago as we moved our parents out from Missouri so we could take better care of them. I am a retired nurse and my parents live in a house with me that we rent together. As I am totally new to this area and was quite ill the first 2 years here I haven’t met many people until this past year. I appreciated this podcast and the writings of Mirabelle giving great ideas on where to meet single men. Perhaps if I actually begin to do some dating Kit will decide to move forward in our friendship and take it to another level. If not, at least I finally feel I am ready to date again and hopefully meet a quality man and eventually be married again. I am 66 though most still guess me to be in my 40’s or 50’s. I have numerous interests and have always had an active full life. The past 6 years have been extremely difficult with complications from a work related injury that has left me with a 75% loss of the use of my right leg. I have had 3 surgeries and the last one has enabled me to ambulate much more freely now. I am left with constant pain and inability to sit, walk, or stand more than about 30 minutes without really exacerbating the pain. They have decided to pension me and that process has consumed much of the last year. All should be finalized any time now. So I expect to be in a better situation mentally, emotionally, and physically to meet an amazing man and together forge a strong and abiding relationship. I woukd prefer that man to be Kit as I am very much in love with him but if I can’t figure out what to do so that he will want to move things forward then I will move on.

  12. Hello Sam, I can relate to you so much. I am 52 and cannot find a guy who wants more than being a fwb, and most men do not know what they want. I send them signals when they stare at me, yet they won’t make a move. Whenever I have a good date, they do not follow up. I am confident and attractive for my age. When I am in a relationship, I give a lot, I spoil my man. I guess I am too nice and end up with narcissists who take advantage of that. I go dancing every weekend because dance is my passion, but I have come to a point where I do not even try anymore and I am afraid I will spend the rest of my life single (after my divorce 3 years ago). I am glad my cat keeps me good company.

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  14. Leila | Reply


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