6 Things Men Secretly Want From Women

I recently ran a survey of about 2000 men and one of the questions I asked was “what do you secretly want from the woman you love?”

I used the responses from that to compile this list of the top 6 things that men secretly want and here they are in reverse order…

6. To have quiet time

Sometimes men need to have time to get away from everything and just have some quiet time.

You may wish to plan some fun days or nights out with your friends from time to time to give him some space, or at least be understanding if he seems to need some time to himself.

Sometimes quiet time, might be replace by his need to just be away doing something with his friends, or working on a hobbie. Don’t be jealous of his time, be supportive and he’ll love you more for it.

5. To be with a feminine woman

Just like how you are attracted to his masculine traits, he is attracted to your femininity. Don’t lose that during your relationship, that is your secret power!

Keep showing your joyful, loving spirit. Wear feminine clothes, and smell your best. Spend time with your female friends, and keep doing those girlie fun things 🙂

4. More attention in the bedroom / to be desired

Men experience love differently to women, and physicality is usually a very big part of that. Men feel more masculine and loved when they are getting great attention in the bedroom.

DON’T use sex as a bargaining tool. Don’t hold back when you are fighting. That would be like him holding back on the hugs and snuggling. It’s that important to men, and he’ll love you more for it if you keep up the intimacy and affection.

3. To be flirted with

Again, this helps him to feel desired and masculine. Men love
the attention and the lighthearted back and forth that can
develop through fun texts, banter and inside jokes.

Keep flashing that great smile of yours, flirt with him and
have fun.

2. That you will take active steps to make sure you are happy

Your man wants you to be happy, but can feel helpless and less masculine if no matter what he does, you aren’t openly happy.

Sometimes it’s not him, sometimes it’s you. You know it.

You can’t let him be responsible for your happiness. If you are not happy then take some active steps to make sure that you are living a more fun filled, active, healthy and happy life.

You can’t treat him like he’s your therapist. Yes you can share your problems with him, but there should also be a lot of fun, and positive things to share together also.

If you don’t have joy to share, then find it. Do something that you always wanted to do, that you can share with him so that he can feel good that you are happy, without feeling like he is entirely responsible for your happiness.

If you are happy, he’ll love you even more, and he’ll make you even happier. It’s a cycle.

1. To be respected

This is a big one, and it’s the thing that men want more than anything else.

There is nothing worse to a man than being judged, or having his abilities questioned.

Be appreciative and supportive of what he does, both career and hobby-wise and let him know how much you respect, appreciate and admire him.

He’ll feel more masculine, loved and will feel like you are ‘the one’ person who truly gets him.


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4 Comments on "6 Things Men Secretly Want From Women"

  1. Chris Lam | Reply

    I have been followed Mirabelle Summers for a good few months and I find her advice for women just as useful for men trying to find a great woman to be with.

    So far, I have not found a shred of information that she has given out to be distasteful. They have been eye openers, factual and extremely helpful. It helps me to understand better the things women do, especially the desirable ones that men label as ‘stable and desirable’.

  2. mpho | Reply

    Seriously Ron, I think I like these cos wthout knowing wht he wnts I’l keep on drivin him away and end up hurtin my own self. Thnx a lot man!!

  3. Loris | Reply

    Life is strange, I was exactly that woman for him, happy and feminine, sexy and independent, I gave him freedom, but he rejected me. may be I was too good?
    And another man, who I hardly notice once in a day, give no sex, no feminine affection, and always unhappy:) loves me heel over ears for years. May be because I respect him (but I respect everybody, I am originally rescpectful!) and give him a lot of quiet time))).

  4. Fiona Irvine | Reply

    I purchased some products but haven’t received them. Can I have my money back immediately please!

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