How to Talk to Men

To those who want to know how to talk to men, read on.

Working on your conversational skills isn’t as complicated as you might think – all you really need is some sensible advice to hone your gift of gab.

Ok, first of all you need to understand that it’s very attractive for a woman to focus her complete attention on the person she’s talking to.  Instead of trying too hard to be fascinating, it’s better to show him that you’re truly engrossed with what he’s telling you.

Don’t be one of those people who have the habit of hogging the entire conversation.  Worse, some of these folks simply stop talking once they’ve given you an earful of their life story.

As a result, the other person is forced to keep the conversation alive by asking question after question, leaving them no chance to share their own thoughts or opinions.  Don’t get stuck in this vicious cycle of one-sidedness!

Now, imagine if you acted this way during a conversation with a guy.  As you’d expect, you’d bore him to tears and turn him off in record time.  This is obviously not how to talk to men.

Understandably, most of the time we don’t mean to do this.  It’s just that the anxiety can compel some of us to fill the uncomfortable silence with too much chatter.  Inadvertently, this nervousness deprives a guy of the chance to put in his two cents’ worth.

Being aware of this habit is the best way to keep yourself from falling into it in the first place.  The next time you feel jumpy and get the urge to chat away, just chill out, pace yourself and let your guy talk as well.

Knowing how to talk to men can easily be done by treating the conversation as a two-way activity.  Once you’ve gotten used to taking turns, you’ll have a much easier time keeping things light and fun.

Another aspect of how to talk to men is the difference between how guys and girls communicate.  You see, guys are usually accustomed to talking about things from a factual point of view.

They’re not as interested as we are to recount an experience in terms of what was felt at the time.  Rather, he’s more comfortable with giving you a straightforward account while skipping the emotional details.

In order to foster a strong connection with your man, try talking to him in the language he better understands.  If you want to ask him something, go for a question that he can answer with facts, figures and hard data.

Of course, you can transition into topics involving emotions later on, but starting the conversation from a masculine point of view will definitely help break the ice.

Let’s go through one more tip: avoid any self-depreciative kind of talk.

Sometimes, we unwittingly make the mistake of talking too lowly of ourselves.  When you tell a guy about what you did over the weekend, you can either frame it in an unexciting way, or play up the best parts instead.

Pretend that you stayed at home, read some books, made yourself some dinner and listened to some music.  While you could simply rattle off these things one after the other, you can also say it like this:

“I chilled at my place last weekend to recharge the ol’ batteries, y’know?  It was fun, really…I got to catch up on some wonderful books I’ve been meaning to curl up with for the longest time. Listening to my old CDs was really cathartic as well – it definitely helped processed the crazy week I had!”

So fight the temptation to sound less awesome than you really are!  Otherwise, a guy will find it hard to be interested in you.

With enough practice, you’ll be able to come across as a fun, confident woman who takes pride and joy in living without looking like a show-off!