How To Get a Husband

For those girls looking for a long-term commitment measured in lifetimes, they need to get certain matters squared away first.

As you can imagine, knowing how to get a husband isn’t limited to being attractive or having good conversational skills.  Staying happy and fulfilled during the majority of a married relationship takes a little something more.

For instance, we girls have to come up with realistic criteria when considering our dream mate.

It’s a common mistake to have standards that are impossible for most men to adhere to.  Guys have often complained that some women give them a set of specific traits from a man, when they actually want something else in reality.

That’s not to say that we’re purposely giving guys the wrong idea; it’s just that sometimes a well-meaning girl hasn’t taken the time to put a pin on what she truly wants in a man.

Like I said, certain women are just too idealistic when it comes to making a list of must-have qualities.  It’s this unrealistic kind of thinking that unknowingly lessens a girl’s chances of figuring out how to get a husband.

Thus, all those husband hunters out there will save themselves a lot of unnecessary frustration by discovering their heart’s real desire as early as possible.  Otherwise, your search for “The One” will be a journey rife with confusion, heartbreak and disappointment!

Having a clear and realistic picture of Mr. Right is a basic aspect of how to get a husband.  Keep in mind that making your list isn’t an instant process – it needs to be well-thought effort which may take a bit of time to hammer out.

The first thing you need to do is come up with a draft.  Write down the qualities which you believe will make you happy as a wife and will be needed throughout the entire marriage.

Jot down the first things that come to mind and take your time picking out the things you want in a guy.  If you feel that you’ve come up with a fairly comprehensive list, give yourself a few days to think about what you wrote.

After coming back to the criteria you made, ask yourself if there’s anything else worth adding.  Go ahead add any last-minute things that slipped your mind the last time.

Once you’re done, take a good, hard look at all the traits that you wrote down.  Would you say that ALL of the things you included are non-negotiable?

More importantly, is there any remote possibility that you can amend some of the terms, or even drop certain standards altogether?
I’m pretty sure that you can cross some items off your list.  Believe me, you can trim a lot of fat from if you spent a bit of pondering your “policy”.

For example, will the joy and satisfaction in your future marriage be severely compromised if your hubby-to-be wasn’t pulling in six figures a year?  Or would your level of happiness be just as fine if he fell a bit short of that lofty goal?

You seriously need to go over things like these.  Chances are, there are some requirements that don’t need to be as stringent as you initially thought.  The important thing to keep in mind is whether or not a certain criteria will contribute to a healthy and loving relationship.

Just a little reminder though: your list is not iron-clad by any means.  Over time, your needs and wants will change so don’t be afraid to adapt your standards accordingly.

By having a sensible list of things you truly want in a man, you’ll have a bigger chance of finding a potential husband who will meet these well-articulated objectives.

Most of all, you’ll end up in a marriage that won’t leave you silently longing for greener pastures!