How to Get a Boyfriend

A lot of misleading information out there often gives women the wrong idea on how to get a boyfriend.  Like it or not, we’re bombarded with advice which causes us to behave in ways which are actually very unattractive.

For instance, women are hounded by the fear of not conforming to the typical standard of beauty often seen in TV shows, magazines or other forms of popular media.

Thus, we’re driven to believe that we can be attractive by prioritizing external things instead of focusing on what’s really important.

The truth is, you can’t look at irresistibility as an end objective to work towards to.  Women who focus instead on the day-to-day habit of having a great life and personality naturally exude a kind of charm which people will find impossible to ignore.

The funny thing about someone who’s attractive in the truest sense of the word knows how to get a boyfriend without even trying in the first place.  That’s because she’s more interested in being a genuine person who shares the joy of living with other people.

The root of unattractive behavior begins with doing the opposite: behaving in ways meant to win other people’s approval or manipulating them into giving us what we want.

Let’s say for example that validation is a woman’s motive for being warm and accommodating towards a guy (as opposed to the earnest desire to please him without wanting anything in return).

Or maybe you want to share your hang-ups, insecurities and the gruesome details of your previous relationship during your first date with a new man in order to force a rushed sense of intimacy.

Acting with these pretentious and self-serving agendas isn’t how to get a boyfriend.

By consciously avoiding a self-centered mindset, we can focus on developing a general lifestyle which will inadvertently make us more attractive in the process.  Even the hottest-looking guy would be killing his irresistibility if he was full of himself.

In fact, it’s a telltale sign that said person lacks a great deal of self-confidence.  Obsessing about yourself will manifest in your actions and gives the impression that you’re hung up on making people like you.

And that’s really the flip side of being attractive – it can’t be achieved by directly working towards it.  Instead, we need to fashion our lives based on choices which are truly our own, and NOT based on what other folks expect from us.

In other words, you need to stop putting your happiness on hold because you’re still waiting for your life to become better.  An attractive woman lives in the moment because she knows that being content with her existence begins NOW – not later, not tomorrow, not next year.

A positive (and highly attractive) attitude starts with deriving happiness and pride from living in the very moment that you’re in.  Any woman who does this will encourage the same vibe from those around her.

Consequently, these people will inexplicably find themselves drawn to such a woman, be it friends, family or incredibly cute guys!

So remember, inviting a man into your life can be indirectly done by molding your goals based on what you REALLY want out of life as well as making yourself a better and more well-rounded person.

Trust me, they’ll find your passionate and engaged outlook on life way more attractive than driving yourself mad over which skirt to wear or which make-up to put on!