How to Find a Boyfriend

A lot of women have the wrong idea about how to find a boyfriend; they often run into frustration due to the simple fact that they’re looking in the wrong places!

We’ve all been made to believe that bars and nightclubs are the only locations where potential boyfriends can be found.  I’m sure that you’ve seen at least a handful of movies and TV shows where the leading lady is guaranteed to find true love in these night spots.

Not only is this is a big misconception, insisting on looking only in these places will actually hurt your chances.

Of course, there are exceptions where someone you know might have found “The One” in these typical spots.  On the surface, it might seem that it’s easy to find a relationship in places like these.

After all, everyone’s in a festive mood – when the music’s bumping and the drinks are flowing, this kind of setting naturally makes folks more sociable and open to meeting new people.

However, you should also consider that a guy may not be the same person outside of such a context.  A man’s everyday behavior (which is more important) may differ greatly when he’s is “party mode”.

My point is: Just because you’re not into the nightlife doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t know how to find a boyfriend.

In reality, it’s possible to meet someone under relaxed circumstances where there’s no pressure to “hook up” right then and there.  In fact, there’s an equally abundant number of promising candidates in other venues (if not more!).

Really, not all good men are already taken; you just have to look elsewhere!  The funny thing about it is that they’re lurking in places that are right under your nose.

Let’s look at a few examples.  Book launches or readings are great places to find hot and brainy men.  If you’re into literature, similar places (such as bookstores) are likely to have cute guys who aren’t only easy on the eyes, but have a serious amount of substance as well!

But don’t limit yourself; there are plenty of other everyday places filled with guys.  Think yoga classes, gyms, volunteer groups and any other place where people gather under a common interest.

While you’re at it, building up your social circle wouldn’t hurt your chances either.  Go ahead and get into whatever interests you’re particularly passionate about because you’ll naturally expand your network of friends this way.

But here’s the catch: don’t do this with the intention of finding Mr. Right.  Instead, focus on being a well-rounded person and the fringe benefits (i.e. meeting gorgeous guys) will follow.

If you look at the big picture, you’ll see that making a richer life for yourself shouldn’t take a backseat to finding a guy.  Whether or not you’re in a relationship is beside the point.

A significant other is only icing on the cake, and NOT the cake itself!  The funny thing about getting a quality man is that it’s easier to do when it isn’t the single driving force in your life.

Enjoying things that personally matter to you (and creating a web of friends in the process) should be your greater priority.  Once you’ve created this solid foundation for yourself, knowing how to find a boyfriend will cease to be the mystery that you once thought it was.