5 Best Places To Meet Women

When you think about the best way to meet women, you might consider the usual places. You have your choice of bars, clubs or any other places where women expect to be hit on.

Then you go through the clichéd exercise of walking up to a girl, making a witty comment, offer to buy her a drink and hope for the best. There are some guys who do well in this kind of setting, but this doesn’t work out for other men.

Besides, there’s a downside to this approach. For one thing, you’re weighing yourselves down (i.e. you and the girl you’re hitting on) with expectations even before you’ve even started the conversation.

Also, people who go to these places usually don’t act like their ordinary selves. There’s nothing wrong with being in “party mode”, but meeting people this way makes it hard for you to get a clear idea of what a girl’s really like, especially if there’s some alcohol going around.

Some would say that the best way to meet women is by going to common, everyday places where there’s no pressure involved. There are a number of locations that offer plenty of common ground for you and the women you want to meet.

Think about it: these places have a built-in set of promising candidates who share the same interests as you, so you’ve done some groundwork by narrowing your search.

#1 Book Stores
If you into reading, then this is a great place to meet women who might just have the same literary leanings as yours – or at least have enough in common for you to discus your favorite authors or books. Just swing by the section you frequent the most to see if anyone catches your eye and use your knowledge of books to start a conversation.

Offer your opinion on the book she’s checking out, or ask for hers if you’re not familiar with the genre she’s into. Who knows, you might just get into a lively discussion that you can continue at the nearby coffee shop.

#2: Gyms
So maybe books aren’t your thing and you like getting physical instead. No problem – these places are full of attractive, health-conscious women who share the same passion for fitness as you do. You just have to be mindful of good timing; you can’t just walk up to a girl while she’s in the middle of her set. She’s not likely to respond to your opening line if she’s busy grunting while doing squats or lifting weights. Also, just because you’re both hot and sweaty, it doesn’t mean you can comment about how well-built she is or how great her bottom looks in spandex. Keep it clean and don’t be a creep!

#3: Anything Music-Related
Whether it’s concerts, indie album launches or acoustic sets at coffee houses, music is a good reason for people to get together and enjoy something that speaks to them on a personal level. Again, places meant for music attract women who are into the same artists that you like, so this gives you the perfect excuse to have a nice discussion of who’s the best acid jazz band the came out in the last decade.

#4: Volunteer work
If you have a soft spot for a worthy cause, this is one trait you can play up to attract the ladies. Women are into guys who care for something else other than themselves, so you your selflessness can be a great way to meet someone who’s also into pro-bono work.

These organizations are pretty passionate about what they do, so women who sign up for them are likely to be as enthusiastic about their cause. When you can match their zest for volunteering, you’ll have plenty of time to work closely with these women and bond with them over shared experiences.

#5: Grocery Stores, Theme Parks, Banks
What do these places have in common? All of them involve lining up at the counter, and getting stuck in a long queue isn’t the most enjoyable of human activities. You can break up the monotony by offering relief in the form of a light, casual conversation.

It helps to make fun of how a drag it is to wait for your turn. Try something like, “If this line gets any slower, I’m going to grow a beard” or “This sure beats watching the paint dry” to get her attention and build a conversation from there.

Look, you can beat the proverbial dead horse by hitting the bar scene if you want meet hot girls ready to party. But ask yourself: do you really want to approach a bunch of strangers you don’t have much in common with? Or would you have a better chance with other strangers who are easier to connect to?

Just because picking up girls at bars is the most obvious approach, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way to meet women.

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  1. James Rudd | Reply

    Obviously there’s online dating as one of the best (and worst) places to meet women. Though I’m guessing you’re talking about how to meet people in the ‘real’ world here in this article.

    Good ideas.

    You probably also should have said through friends and through work as 2 other places to meet women, as they are probably among the best 5 really.

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