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Listen today as I am joined by dating and relationship coach Jon Sinn, creator of the video-course How to Turn Ordinary Conversations into Sizzling Hot Sexual Encounters.

Today Jon will be sharing with us his secrets to dissolving approach anxiety and creating red-hot sexual attraction with women.

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Listen today as I interview dating expert Carlos Xuma, creator of the Bad Boy Formula.

Have you ever wondering why women seem to always go for the ‘bad boys’?

Today Carlos will explain WHY this happens, as well as the common mistakes men make when they are trying to attract women.

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It’s awesome when you finally work up the courage to ask that cute girl out and she says yes. You’ve scored a hot date!

But we all know the hard part doesn’t end there…

In fact, the thought of your first date with a woman you really like can be more nerve-wracking than actually asking her out – especially if you’re feeling ‘out-of-practice’ in the dating game.

Why? Because you want to impress her. And to impress her, you need to be able to make great CONVERSATION.

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Whether it is being shot down from that hot girl at the bar, or being dumped after a long-term relationship, rejection always burns.

Being rejected can really knock you back and shatter your self-image, making you feel unattractive and unwanted. But often rejection is actually an opportunity to work on ourselves and become the person we want to be.

Handling rejection with grace and not allowing it to bring you down will be the best way to maintain your ex’s respect and show her what she’s missing.

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It’s true – social status is a massive factor in attracting women.

In order to feel attracted to guy, a woman needs to perceive that he is of equal or higher status to herself. A man who will ADD value to her life, rather than take value away.

In fact, when looking for qualities in a man, women rate status & resources right up there after warmth & trustworthiness.

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Have you struck out with a lot of woman you’ve approached lately?

Are you wondering why your conversations never seem to go the way you want them to? And why some guys who are in the same ‘league’ as yourself seem to ALWAYS get the girls?

If you’re in this position, chances are that without even realizing it, you are giving out the wrong vibes. Vibes that say you are DESPERATE and NEEDY.

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Recently a guy friend of mine, Patrick*, came to me for advice. He told me that he had recently developed really strong feelings for a woman (Anna*) he’d been friends with for a long time.

Patrick said that he had always found Anna attractive, but as they had usually been involved in other relationships they had never really seen each other as more than friends.

But lately they had started to spend more time together and Patrick found himself being more and more attracted to Anna. He says he feels comfortable talking to her about anything and feels closer to her than he ever has with a girlfriend.

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Have you finally found a girl you really click with, and are thinking about your future together?

Do you like the sound of your last name at the end of her name?

Today we’re going to be delving into how to tell if you’re truly ready for marriage, and whether the girl you’re with is really The One.

Because as has been shown in surveys, a guy’s decision to marry is usually based around half on finding the right woman, and half on feeling like he is ready to settle down.

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Relationship break ups are a part of life. Chances are, you’ve gone through at least one of these in your time.

But here’s where things can get messy: what kind of relationship can you have with your ex following a break up? Is it okay to be ‘friends’? Or does the tie need to be cut completely?

Being friends with your ex may seem like the best option, but in reality, this may be doing more harm for you than good – especially if you are trying to meet someone new.

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One of the things that guys often ask us is how to get a girl to desire you and want to sleep with you… WITHOUT coming across as a player or a jerk.

Are you in this boat?

You may have made it through the first few dates with a woman you really like, but want to know how to turn up the heat and take things to the next step.

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