How to Talk to Girls

The best advice on how to talk to girls lies in a basic understanding of female behavior.  For example, having a great conversation with a woman doesn’t entirely depend on what’s actually said.

In reality, there are a lot of unspoken signals and behaviors that a lot of men overlook – specifically the ones that they give out!  Paying close attention to your non-verbal communication style is often a great help to generating serious chemistry right from the get-go!

Let’s get into some specific points.  First off, your speech patterns only make up half of the picture.  It definitely helps to talk in a deep and steady rhythm, but the other component of learning how to talk to girls is heavily related to your body language.

Basically, women need to feel your sense of confidence which will incidentally, comes from your gestures.

The vibe you want to give out is the kind that says you’re someone that’s self-assured, easy to talk to, and generally fun to be around.  This begins with using body language that reflects this attitude.

Start with your posture: keep your back straight (but not stiff), chest out, your gaze away from the floor, and your facial expression relaxed.  Don’t cross your arm (which means “go away”) and keep your hands from moving around too much.

The distance between your feet should just be far enough to look like you’re comfortable with the space you’re occupying – but not so apart that it seems awkward.

Also, it’s a good idea to imply that she has your undivided attention by facing her fully.  It’s cool to start the conversation facing somewhere else – like if you’re walking past a woman and then taking notice of her – but you should look in her general direction right after.

As I mentioned, these are powerful but unspoken signals that telegraph just enough interest in her, without seeming too needy for her attention.

If you REALLY want to get an honest assessment of your proficiency in this particular area, why don’t you ask a close friend what kind of impression you give off with your body language?

A buddy who can give it to you straight will be able to point out if you look confident or wound-up.  This way, you’ll be able to spot little things that hint at nervous energy, such as habitually playing with your drink or shuffling from one foot to another.

Seduction experts who coach guys on how to talk to girls stress the importance of gradually calibrating a woman’s interest.  A discreet way of assessing the real score is to consider the distance between you and your girl.

Gently moving into her personal space (approximately the equivalent of a ruler) will tell you if she’s comfortable enough or not.  If you notice her slightly backing off, that means you’ll have to play it cool and maintain a friendly distance just beyond the range of her personal space.

And there you have it – a little crash course on body language.  With enough practice and additional research, you should be well on your way to mastering the fine art of good conversation!