How To Impress a Girl

If you want to know how to impress a girl, you’ve come to the right place!  And you don’t have to transform into a completely different version of yourself to do it either.

The first thing you have to know is that you aren’t expected to be physically perfect.  Sure, looking good does have its advantages, but even less-than-mindblowingly-handsome men have a damn good chance of dating gorgeous women.

It really starts with the basic attitude of constantly putting yourself in a position to do something about your circumstances.

So maybe you’re out of shape, not as well-dressed as you may want to be, or aren’t happy with your looks in general.  However, you can still take control of a lot of factors within your grasp.

If you need assistance on improving your overall sense of style, enlist the help of a close relative or friend (it’s a plus if they’re good at attracting women).  Ask for their honest opinion on the things you can change to look your best.

For instance, they might tell you to replace certain items in your wardrobe with clothes or accessories that will better suit you.  Furthermore, they can also refer you to a dentist, dermatologist, barber, fitness instructor or any other specialist that will help you work on a specific aspect of yourself that needs to be improved.

As I’ve told you, it has nothing to do with vanity but rather working with what you have.  Plenty of average-looking men who know how to impress a girl don’t strive for perfection; instead, they focus on taking care of themselves.

And being on top of your well-being isn’t limited to good grooming and hygiene.  It also has a lot to do with how you live your life in general.  The funny thing about learning how to impress a girl is to realize that a relationship shouldn’t be your only goal in life!

If you focused all your time and energy on picking up women, you’re passing up the chance to have a fuller life.

Keep it balanced by devoting yourself to interests close to your heart!  Don’t be afraid to indulge in hobbies or extracurricular activities outside of your job.

This has a threefold effect – first, you’ll naturally expand your social circle and consequently become less afraid of interacting with different people.  Second, knowing more folks increases your chances of meeting potential lovers!

Finally, it makes you more well-rounded and ultimately HAPPIER with who you are.  When you genuinely embody this mindset, women will pick up on your positive attitude and naturally find themselves drawn to you!

Not only is this sincere outlook very attractive, it also underscores the reality that you don’t need a woman to “complete” or “fix” you.  This in turn makes you a self-referenced kinda guy who doesn’t depend on anyone’s approval (ironically though, people will naturally look up to you because of this).

In effect, you’ll learn how to impress a girl without even trying too hard.

All in all, simply adhering to being the best version of yourself makes you an authentic guy who can effortlessly catch a woman’s romantic interest!