How to Get a Wife

Maybe you’ve cruised the scene long enough to get past the first few dates and have a good thing going on.  But there comes a time when you’ll eventually want something more stable and long-term.

If you find yourself thinking this way, it’s likely that you’re interested in something deeper than the initial thrill of infatuation.  At this point, you’re probably aware that those exhilarating feelings will eventually mature into a deeper sense of love.

Before you know it, you’re suddenly asking your married friends how to get a wife.

If you’re seriously thinking about settling down for good, you’ll need to get some things sorted out first.

For starters, any aspiring husband should never forget to keep doing the everyday stuff that will keep the relationship alive over the years.  As you might know, it’s easy to stop doing the “little” things when the familiarity starts to settle in.

Think back to the first few months of meeting someone new.  Feeling the rush of falling love, you have all the motivation in the world to do all those things that make her feel special.

Back then, it was impossible to end the day without calling her up to see how she was, or leaving a voice message at the very least.

But over time, people tend to forget these seemingly trivial gestures of affection.  As the reality check phase rolls in, you may find less of a reason to maintain the health of the relationship.

In other words, it’s VITAL not to stop doing these simple things.  It’s understandable that your level of enthusiasm will plateau at some point, even though you still care about her as much you did at the start.

However, just because you don’t feel like doing the little things as often as before doesn’t mean you should stop doing them.  As someone interested in a long-term partnership, you need to appreciate the importance of keeping the spark alive.

Committing to something as rewarding as marriage requires a consistent effort to keep things running smoothly.  Any worthwhile investment needs on-going upkeep.

Left to its own devices, a neglected relationship will crumble and wither in the long run.

So what I’m really saying here is that your priorities should be consistent with this exact type of mindset if you want to stay married for a long time.

By the way, here’s a little side note on how to get a wife: consider the general direction of your life.

Where exactly do you see yourself in the next decade or so?  More importantly, how do your goals relate to your ability to provide for your future family?

After all, getting married is serious business, and your perspective should be grounded enough to ensure a comfortable life for you and your wife.

No matter independent a woman may be, don’t forget that your partner will still want you to pull your own weight in the relationship.

To sum it up: if you can get these basic matters squared away, you probably know how to get a wife as well.